Guitar Lessons in San Antonio

Kosha Music Academy is committed to helping you or your child play the guitar in the genre and style you want to pursue. We love working with both kids and adults, and our teachers bring a wealth of teaching and playing experience in each lesson. Learn the fundamentals, progress to advanced techniques, and enjoy the pieces or songs you aspire to play. Get in touch for a free trial lesson at your earliest convenience.

We currently offer lessons in student homes in the Greater San Antonio area or in a live, online setting, and our teachers all undergo background checks before they work with students.

Guitar Lessons For All Ages At Kosha Music Academy

Guitar Lessons For Kids in San Antonio

Depending on the age of your child, we may suggest that you start with ukulele lessons. As your child gets a bit older, we can transition that knowledge directly to a guitar. We’ve found that children sometimes struggle to strum comfortably, and we do not want to build bad habits from an early age.

Our young guitarists have two options:

  • Guitar prep courses for kids groups by ages 3-4, 5-6, and 7-12 (this course is online)
  • Private one-on-one lessons in your home with a skilled teacher

Guitar Lessons For Adults in San Antonio

Adults come to us with many different goals, and we create an individualized learning plan for each student. Whether you want to dust off the acoustic guitar and learn chords, perfect your rock licks, or learn how to play blues, we can offer instruction and practice materials that will help you. Our guitar students all learn the fundamentals of music in addition to guitar techniques, and you’ll find that you enjoy your favorite music more when you have a grasp of music theory, note reading, rhythm, and song structure.

Hear From Our Students

“My son has been taking lessons with Michael now for about 6 weeks and already he is my sons favorite teacher thus far! Michael makes my life as a mom so much easier because he comes to our house. It’s so very convenient for us busy parents! My 11 year old son has learned a lot in this time from Michael and he tells me that Michael is extremely patient with him and he truly appreciates that. We are very satisfied with Kosha Music and highly recommend Michael!

What Are Some Things You Can Learn in Guitar Lessons?

Firstly, we prioritize basic musical knowledge in both our childhood classes and private lessons. This may sound obvious, but some music programs do not emphasize music theory, key signatures, time signatures, note identification on the treble and bass clefs, ear training, and other fundamentals.

We also teach correct technique. You’ll learn to hold the guitar correctly, use the frets without tension, and strum basic patterns. We leave no stone left unturned – we don’t want you to encounter bad habits down the road.

You’ll also learn basic playing techniques like picking, early, intermediate, and advanced strumming patterns, and more, and as you improve, we can delve into arpeggios, other uses of the fingerboard (like hammering on), and other advanced disciplines found in contemporary genres.

Even if you have simple goals, like learning the fingerings to all of the common chords, learning how to use a capo, or getting comfortable with extended chords, please get in touch.

What Styles and Guitars Do You Work With?

Our guitar teachers in San Antonio play acoustic, rock, jazz, and classical guitar, and regardless of your musical background or aspirations, we are happy to work with you.

If you want to play the acoustic guitar, we are happy to focus on chord fingerings, melodies and accompaniments, and the fundamentals of guitar playing. We are happy to help you learn how to play your electric guitar as well, and whether you are a Beatles fan or a Rush enthusiast, we can help you improve. Our lessons will help you play jazz and other genres as well – you can always take a trial lesson to see if we are a good fit for you.

Online & In-Home Guitar Lessons in San Antonio

You won’t have to worry about traffic anymore. Our highly qualified teachers, each of whom has passed a background check, will come to your home in the Greater San Antonio area. Just tell us where we are headed, and we can make sure you live within our travel radius.

Or, if you’d like to take online guitar lessons, we can work with you on Zoom or Skype. Our teachers can help you set up your space with an optimal camera angle, and we will work on all of the same concepts and techniques that we would have covered in in-person guitar lessons.