Music Lessons For Adults in San Antonio

Brand new musicians, experienced hobbyists, and advanced amateurs alike take music lessons at Kosha Music Academy in San Antonio. Our teachers love working with adults, and we always answer your questions, engage with your musical goals, and set realistic expectations for our students. If you are ready for a trial lesson on the piano, drums, guitar, violin, or something else, please get in touch.

Music Lessons For Every Aspiration

We don’t fit our students in a box, and we genuinely want you to find fulfillment and enjoyment in music. Let us know what you want from music, and we will tailor lessons accordingly.

Music Lessons For Serious Amateurs

Some of our adult music students took music lessons as children, in high school, or even received college music degrees. Other students achieved a high degree of proficiency in one instrument, but they would like to double in another musical discipline. We are happy to build on your prior musical knowledge, be that an advanced level of piano playing, proficiency on the acoustic guitar, or a background in singing.

Music Lessons For Beginners

We don’t require auditions or previous musical experience at Kosah Music Academy, and it’s fine if you have know idea how to hold a guitar, read notes, identify the piano keys, and more. We can build a strong foundation of musical knowledge for you, and you will gain the confidence to both practice your instrument independently and engage in deeper musical conversations.

For Aspiring Hobbyists

Do you want to join a civic orchestra, play in a band with friends, or participate in music at your place of worship? Our adult students often have specific aspirations with their instruments, and we will cater your lessons accordingly.

Mission Statement

“I highly recommend this company for music lessons. My daughter does lessons here and they are wonderful. Michael always shows up on time and I have noticed an improvement in my daughters ability. Not only is she learning a lot, she is having fun. Clear communication, high amount of knowledge, and friendly.

What Musical Genre Would You Like To Play?

No genre or musical discipline is off limits at Kosha Music Academy. Our music lessons for adults in San Antonio will equip you to play classical music, study jazz, play in a rock band, or sing in musical theatre productions. Many of our adult piano students come to us with a favorite composer in mind, like Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and more. Drum students often tell us that they’d like to emulate Neil Peart, and guitarists will sometimes bring their favorite Jimi Hendrix riffs to lessons. Our teachers will help you play the music you want to play.


The Instruments You Can Learn

Online Or In-Person Music Lessons For Adults in San Antonio

We offer two music lesson options for adults in San Antonio: live online lessons, and in-home music lessons.

Our in-home lessons are safe, respectful, and effective. Our teachers pass background checks and have years of experience, and we will place your comfort at the top of our priorities. We are happy to work with students in Downtown San Antonio and the surrounding suburbs.

Our live online lessons are a modern, practical approach to music instruction. We can teach you on Skype or Zoom, and we have had considerable success helping adults improve on their instruments with nothing but an instrument, webcam, and internet connection.

Get Started With Music Lessons Today

Contact us for a free trial lesson at your earliest convenience – we would love to hear from you. We help adults from all walks of life reach their musical goals, and you could be next!