Voice Lessons in San Antonio

Learn how to sing classical music, prepare for theatre auditions, or perfect your pop singing technique at Kosha Music Academy with professional singing lessons in San Antonio. Our teachers have advanced degrees, years of experience, and each has passed a background check. At this time, we are offering lessons in student homes throughout Greater San Antonio, and we are also happy to work with you online in a one-on-one setting.

We Teach Kids, Teens, and Adults How To Sing

Voice Lessons For Adults in San Antonio

We enjoy working with adults, and that’s because each adult voice student has a different goal. Some of our students want to improve their speaking voice, thereby increasing their confidence in conversations and presentations. Others want to audition for the San Antonio Choral Society in order to make new friends and get involved in the performing arts. Others want to join a church choir or start a band, or something else. Whether you want to sing Schubert or Joni Mitchell, we would love to help you reach your goals.

Voice Lessons For Teens

The teenage years can be perilous for young vocalists, as the singer’s voice has recently changed, the vocal range is still settling in. Trust our experienced singing teachers to help guide the vocal development of your teenager. We are happy to help beginners, experienced musicians, and aspiring college voice majors. We can focus on Broadway tunes, Bel Canto singing technique, or something else depending on your goals, and we are also happy to lend our experience when it comes to choosing a conservatory or college program

Singing Lessons For Kids in San Antonio

Does your child love to sing, and do you want them to have a strong foundation in music? We help children by teaching correct breathing techniques, introducing them to notes and rhythm, and training them to sing in tune and use their ear more effectively. We won’t belabor their lessons with tedious vocalises and drills, and the goal is to help your child love music and develop a strong ear.

Hear From Our Students

“My son has been taking lessons with Michael now for about 6 weeks and already he is my sons favorite teacher thus far! Michael makes my life as a mom so much easier because he comes to our house. It’s so very convenient for us busy parents! My 11 year old son has learned a lot in this time from Michael and he tells me that Michael is extremely patient with him and he truly appreciates that. We are very satisfied with Kosha Music and highly recommend Michael!

The Locations We Serve in San Antonio

Students contact us from all over San Antonio for online or in-home voice lessons. We have students downtown, in Terrell Hills, in Alamo Heights, and the other neighborhoods immediately surrounding San Antonio, but we can also commute to Schertz, Marion, New Berlin, and other surrounding areas. Let us know where you live, and we’ll see if it’s reasonably within our travel radius.

Our online voice students enjoy the ease and practicality of lessons at home with only their laptop or smartphone. We’ve had a tremendous amount of success with online students, and we have realized that we can accomplish just as much online as we do in the same room. Your trial lesson will include testing our connection, setting up the correct camera angles, and more.

Our Students Love Their Lessons

What Can You Learn in Voice Lessons

Learn To Create and Project a Beautiful Sound

Speed and technical prowess don’t mean much if your tone is not beautiful. Our teachers will help you learn how to take deep and full breaths, expel that air in a controlled manner, and in the process, create a gorgeous tone with your voice. We can also specifically discuss vibrato if that is an area of concern. As you improve, we can also help you project your voice and increase volume.

Increase Your Vocal Range

Frustrated with an 8-note vocal range? We can help you expand your range in the upper and lower registers without straining your voice. It may be a breathing issue, or perhaps you sing with too much tension – whatever the case may be, we can introduce you to techniques that will help you sing higher and lower.

Music Fundamentals

Singers need to be able to read notes and count like everyone else, and we are happy to help you read sheet music, identify the keys on the keyboard (to help you practice), learn time signatures, and more. We want our singers to be musicians, not simply vocalists.

Genre-Specific Techniques For Singers

If you want to sing on the Broadway stage, we would be happy to help you learn how to belt in a safe manner, use a blended chest voice, and more. We can also incorporate relevant theatre repertoire into your lessons. If you are more classically focused, we would be happy to help you train up to arias that are appropriate for your voice type. Sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones, and bass singers alike need to be able to sing scales and arpeggios. Pop singers also need a high degree of vocal flexibility, and we can help you develop country, jazz, or pop-specific techniques.

Get Your Free Trial Lesson

If you’re ready to learn how to sing at a professional level, please contact Kosha Music Academy today. We would love to hear from you and enroll your family in our program.